Voilą le Fromage!
BEST OF THE HAS BEEN THAT NEVER WAS - all realized in 2019
  • And Only Love You (mid-'80's)
  • You Came To Me (in 1972, age 18, Todd inspired)
  • Back Into Reality (mid-'80's)
  • Stop (mid-'80's)
  • LDL (1969, age 15)
  • Affair of the Heart
  • Coverup
  • 11-11
  • I Won't Stop You
  • If Only For One Night
  • Stars All Around
  • What Was That Thang?
  • Rhythm Romance
  • Rez
  • Bach Invention No. 2, Latin
  • More
    My summer gigs having fallen through, I've been afforded the time to get a few things out of my system. Much more in there, all about the same, give or take... somewhat clever and musical ditties, from various influences, with non-sensical gibberish lyrics, and with me singing, which, well, you know...

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