• Halloween Blue Moon in Taurus
    Cha-Cha to Mars 2020
  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Universe
    featuring the Melodic Miners
  • Contrary Oceans
  • Three Wishes
  • Bachishnis Orch
  • Mo' Bach-ish-nis (Guitar)
  • Fuguette About It! - Mo' and Mo' Bachishnis!
    What if you took the top note, G, in the C Maj. triad,
    and proceded stepward descending an octave,
    (against non-parallel rules),
    but against a contrary and otherwise bass line?
  • Parallela Jam
  • Zero Gravity
  • Blues for Bach
  • Murphy in Retrograde
    Progressive Bach
    Imagine taking a Bach exercise score, turning it upside down, and looking at it in a mirror. That pretty much sums this one up. Add some whim, and some screaming guitar, and we're off to the races!
  • Bach 2-Part Invention #2
    Latin Style!
  • Hey, Lee's Comet!
  • Purdy Outfit
  • Off With Her Head!
    Written for an original local children's production of Alice in Wonderland, for the Red Queen. Sung by dear friend, Gail Gongol.
    More Alice!
  • Off! (addendum)
  • I Wish
    Sort of a convoluted Bach exercize cum cool country-jazz standard! It's a simple harmonzing of a Harmonic Major scale, step-wise, descending. With some tweaks here and there. Throw in a few Holdsworth harmonies, and the words of a lonesome cowboy, and there you go!

  • All of these pieces are based on manuscripts of Capellmeister Bach's
    "Most Necessary Rules and Brief Instruction
    in the so-called Thorough Bass"

    including harmonization exercises 1-14, which were discovered among the belongings of Johnann Peter Kellner, who it is presumed to have received them from one of Bach's students.