The Divine Sarah

Elaine Lang & June Richards

Vocal Ranges
Act I
  • Open Up the Door (in C) (ensemble sings)
  • Soliloquy/Mama (underscore and Sarah sings)
  • Mama Keep Me (underscore and Sarah sings)
  • Youle's Sadness (Youle sings, followed by duet with Sarah)
  • Convent Music (to underscore)
  • Duc Music (royal traditional music to underscore)
  • Mama Please Listen (Sarah, Youle, Duc sing)
  • Anything Can Happen (underscore, and Sarah sings)
  • Damn Their Ize (ensemble and Sarah)
  • Traveling Music (underscore)
  • Sarah Meets Prince (underscore dialog)
  • Prince to Sarah 1 and 2 (Prince sings and continued under dialog)
  • Youle Throws Sarah Out (chords after dialog, followed by Mama Keep Me under dialog)
  • Sarah Throws General Out (dramatic chords)
  • Angry Song (Duet Prince Henri and Sarah)
  • Youle's Lament (Sarah sings a line from)
  • End of Act I (music box theme)
  • Act Two
  • Open Up the Door (Underscore with 2md Half of open Up the Door in Eb)
  • Les Passante (Duet with Sarah and Lady Silvia)
  • Les Passante (beginning of music for field hospital scene, 2nd half for joyous end of war)
  • Tree Tango (Music underscore Sarah)
  • Sarah Meets Prince (Eb) (Music under Victor Hugo)
  • This Is My Moment (4/4 intro underscores ensemble lines/Sarah and Ensemble sing)
  • Sully and Sarah Meet (plus Sully and Sarah Music starts again)
  • Surprise!/Open up the Door (in C) (Sarah and Ensemble)
  • Let Me Have Roses (Sully and Flower Girl, and underscore)
  • Soliloquy (reprise)
  • Phaedra Dying Scene (Sarah speaks over this)
  • Let Me Have Roses (Underscore)
  • Lies
  • This Is My Moment (underscore)
  • Les Passante (underscore)
  • Russian Music (underscore)
  • Quand Meme (Sarah sings)

  • © 1985 Richards and Lang
    Original Audio (1985)
    (good quality courtesy of Don Ososke)
    Acts One and Two
  • Open Up the Door
  • Soliloquy/Lulabye
  • Youle's Lament
  • Damn Their Ize
  • First Love
  • Madness
  • Quand Meme
  • Open Up the Door/Surprise!
  • Let Me Have Roses
  • Lies
  • Quand Meme/In Spite Of